A Taste of Shakespeare  is an educational and outreach program of the Longmont Theatre Company.

We deliver Shakespearean theater, in free performances, at locations up and down the Front Range. We perform complete shows, as well as skits, songs, stage fighting, and other creative acts. We also offer free workshops for actors during the school year.

Shakeshops – Free actors’ workshops

During the school year, from September to May, the Taste of Shakespeare outreach program offers free monthly workshops for actors. While the workshops tend to focus on Shakespeare’s works, actors may bring material from any source, and audition practice is encouraged. For ages 13 and up.

Here’s the schedule for upcoming workshops. 

We’ve been running our workshops over Zoom, since we’ve had to cancel in-person gathering. They’ve worked surprisingly well, and they’ve allowed far-flung folks to join us again, including the founder of our Shakeshops, Dave Dahl.

Below are the dates for the Shakeshops through April 2021. More to come after that. We are hoping, at some point this summer, to resume some kind of in-person event. As Hamlet might say, “Angels and ministers of grace defend us!”

Date and timeLocation and format
Saturday, January 16, 2021. 6:00 pm mountainZOOM. Our January Shop. Perhaps something for 12th night, or new beginnings.

ZOOM link: to be published a day or two before the event.

Saturday, February 20, 2021. 6:00 pm mountain ZOOM. Our February Shop. Perhaps something on romance, heartache, or chocolate.

ZOOM link: to be published a day or two before the event.

Saturday, March 20, 2021. 6:00 pm mountainZOOM. Our March Shop. Perhaps something on the Ides Of, mad hatters, or really long walks.

ZOOM link: to be published a day or two before the event.

Saturday, April 17, 2021. 6:00 pm mountainZOOM. Our April Shop. Perhaps something on Spring, or taxes.

ZOOM link: to be published a day or two before the event.

COVID-19 Announcement

Taste of Shakespeare is cancelling the Shakeshop for March 21, and our April event will be done through virtual meetings. 

Our summer production is also cancelled. We’ll try again in 2021.

However, we are exploring the option of holding Shakeshops through the summer, instead of a production, and having these outdoors. Doing so will allow us to practice social distancing, and to work on our projection techniques.

School Appearances

Our Taste of Shakespeare group is available for hire, to appear in your school. They can deliver scenes from the show your class is studying, or conduct custom acting seminars for your theater class. Contact the TOS Company Manager by e-mail for details

Summer Performances

Audiences can enjoy our free stagings of full Shakespeare shows each summer, in indoor and outdoor venues. Watch the season page for details on when and where we perform. And if you want to play instead of watch, then audition for the show! See our audition page for details.

Shakeshop.org – On-line theatrical training

If you can’t join us for workshops or performances, you can still benefit from the training we offer. Many training videos, presentations, and papers are available at Shakeshop.org, a site created and sponsored by some of our “Tasties”. 

Other sites

There are many other sites that have Shakespeare-related materials. Here are a few we like.

Title and linkDescription of site contents
Shakespeare’s Works
Shakespeare’s script and text of playsA site with the scripts, synopses, biographies, historical information.
Shakespeare’s SonnetsAll of Shakespeare’s sonnets, annoted with commentary and explanations. Also contains a single down-loadable text file containing the complete text of all the sonnets.
Monologue ArchiveA selection of monologues from Shakespeare’s plays.
General Shakespeare information
Shakespeare On-lineA lot of everything — plays, poems, analysis, essays, etc…
About ShakespeareThe “About” database on Shakespeare. More on the plays, poems, biographies, etc.
Shakespeare’s BirthplaceTourist, archival and other related information about Shakespeare’s
birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Globe Theatre
A newly expanded site from the home of the rebuilt Globe Theatre in
London. Includes photos, historical information, schedules, and more.

William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon: Brief History, Times and
Similar to the Birthplace Trust, but focused on the Elizabethan
history of Stratford.
Historical material with some Shakespeare-related materials
Theater DatabaseLoads of 16th and 17th century stuff (along with loads of stuff from other centuries)
English Literature: Early 17th CenturyMaterials on early 17th century English liturature.
Resource Guide to Elizabethan Era CostumesInformation on period costumes.
Other resources
Shakespeare Resource CenterCollected links from all over the World Wide Web to help you find
information of all sorts on William Shakespeare.
“Who’s on first”, Shakepearean style.A YouTube recording of a pair of Shakespearan actors doing a variation of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First”, in iambic pentameter.
Shakespearean insult kitA simple generator for Shakespearan-style insults. Your opponent, unless equally well versed, will have no idea just how badly you impinge his honor.
Shakespeare, as inspiration for theater seatingA brief article on Shakespeare, and numerous links to other sources. The reference was located for us by a middle-school student doing extended research with his tutor.