When the theater is not already in use for our stage productions, the Longmont Arts Center is available for rental on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You could hold any of these events at our facilities

  • Recitals
  • Weddings and receptions
  • Company meetings
  • Sales presentations
  • … and more!

Tenants must provide proof of liability insurance.

Please review the features and cost structure below, and contact the theater at 303-772-5200 to make arrangements.

If your event includes ticketing, you must use the Longmont Arts Center box office.

For Non-profit organizations…

Half-day (4 hours) $400
Full-day (8 hours) $800

For Other organizations (without non-profit status)…

Half-day (4 hours) $600
Full-day (8 hours) $1200

Additional services and charges

LTC RepresentativeMust be present while enant is present in facilities. Representative answers questions, deals with issues as they arise. Venue Management Required for all rental events:

  • House Staff
  • Light, Sound, and Stage Technicians
  • Concessions
$18.50 / hour / person
Marque DisplayThe event is advertised on the theater’s marquee, subject to constraints from other events.
House staffLTC can provide three staff to manage the house. They will manage the concession stand, monitor the auditorium doors, and hand out programs or other materials provided by the event.$12.50 / hour / person
Light / sound / stage techniciansOptional, but the tenant may only
operate the house lights and standard work lights without the technicians.If technicians are used, a technical manager is required.
$12.50/hour/person while working for the tenant.
If Tenant requires any additional lighting or special sound system use,
it must hire Landlord’s technicians to set up and operate the required
systems. The sound technician and lightning technician can be one person,
if the technical requirements can be easily handled by one person. The
Landlord retains the final right to determine the technical demands of the
Tenant’s production for purposes of allocating costs under this provision.
Concession standThe Landlord may run the concession stand during the event, and retain all profits. The tenant may sell additional items, approved by the Landlord, but must provide their own cash box and accounting.

Terms and Conditions

A half-day is a continuous six-hour period. Over six and up to 14 hours is a full day. Over 14 hours becomes additional half-day or full-day periods. Load-in and load-out time are included in that period.

LTC will provide a technical staff to run sound and lights, manage the facility, and ensure a safe production is mounted. This staff is mandatory for all rental events, even if the event provides their own light or sound staff.

Rental provides reasonable access to stage, back stage, and dressing area, as well as dock and back-doors for load in and load-out.

Rental allows use of stage, auditorium, lobby, back stage, and dressing area during the event. The room above the dock, and the board room area, are not included.

Light and sound are provided at default settings. No lights or sound equipment in the theater may be changed. Additional light or sound equipment may be provided by the event, but it must remain physically independent of the LTC equipment. No cross-connections are permitted.

If the event wishes special lighting cues programmed into the board, they must provide the cues, and pay for the programming and set-up time.

The event will provide house managers, ushers, and ticket staff as needed, or may contract with LTC to provide them.

The marquee will be updated the night before the event, and kept in place during the event. Additional lead time can be purchased.

The landlord may run the concession stand during the event, and retain all profits. The event may negotiate to sell their own merchandise (providing it does not conflict with LTC merchandise), but must provide staff and financial arrangements to do so. No alcohol or other controlled substances may be sold.

If the event is charging admission, the event will notify LTC of the admission price at time of contract. Before the event is complete, the event will provide LTC a report of the tickets sold and the take. If there are mulitple performances, the event will provide the report before the end of each performance.

If the event plans to accept donations by cash, goods, silent auctions, etc., the event will notify LTC of these plans at time of contract. The event will inform LTC of the total value of the donations as soon after the event as possible, but no later than 15 days after the event.

Base rental fees will be paid at time of contract, before the event. The percentage of the admission or donations will be paid within 15 days of the end of the event.

The event may not use any LTC supplies, tools, construction equipment, costumes, paint, or other material goods owned by LTC. The technical staff, may, at their discretion, use tools on behalf of the event, but the event must provide all supplies.