Standing Room Only (SRO)
Standing Room Only is Longmont Theatre Company’s premiere musical performing ensemble dedicated to promoting the performing arts and encourage music and performing at any age. SRO performs at special events with the Longmont Theatre, and is available to perform at meetings, gatherings and events around the community including Longmont city functions, such as ArtWalk, Christmas Lighting, Roosevelt Park events, and donates appearances at local nursing homes.

Taste of Shakespeare (TOS)
TOS delivers free “Shakespeare in the Park” productions in the summer, in parks and theaters along the northern Front Range, provides free actor workshops in the school year, and delivers in-school presentations. TOS Mission Statement:

“A Taste of Shakespeare” shall, as its primary mission, study and perform the works of William Shakespeare, free of charge, for purposes of educational outreach on behalf of and at the behest of Longmont Theatre Company, and for the cultural betterment of our entire community. Members of “A Taste of Shakespeare” are members of Longmont Theatre Company, by association and by direct involvement. We shall endeavor to cultivate and encourage talented individuals to join the company through: the rehearsal and performance of full-length shows; rehearsal and observation of scene work; and through regularly-scheduled workshops. In so doing, we will create performance and other educational opportunities for theatre artists at all levels of experience. This in turn will foster and expand our artists’ abilities by challenging them to grow in a safe artistic environment. “A Taste of Shakespeare” workshops shall be free of charge and open to any who wish to attend. Workshops will cover a wide range of theatrical topics, but will focus primarily on the performance of, the enjoyment of, and the continuing relevance of William Shakespeare’s body of work.