Auditions for upcoming shows – Cancelled

PLEASE NOTE:  We are suspending production of “Much Ado About Nothing” until 2021. The audition notice will be reposted at that time.

    • Cancelled – Much Ado About Nothing – May 16, 2020

Much Ado About Nothing

Taste of Shakespeare, in conjunction with the Longmont Theatre Company and the Theater Company of Lafayette, announces open auditions for Shakespeare’s comedy, “Much Ado About Nothing”, directed by Chuck Benham.

Audition Request Form (required)

WhereLongmont Public Library, large conference room, 409 4th Ave, Longmont [MAP]
WhenMay 16, 2020, starting at 10:00 am. Appointment required. Complete the audition request form (link above), and the producer will contact you to set your appointment.

Callbacks will be on May 17, 2020, starting at 1:00 pm. You only need to come if you are, in fact, called back.

WhatYou will be auditioning in small groups. Please bring a short memorized monologue, no longer than 2 minutes. It may be from any source, but NOT from “Much Ado”. You may be asked to do cold reading as well.

Please submit an audition request form (link above).  Bring a headshot and resume to the audition and a list of all conflicts between auditions and mid August, 2020. Show dates are : Saturdays and Sundays, July 18 – August 9, 2020. Show times may vary during those days, from early afternoon to evening.

Our performances are at various venues in the Northern Front Range, both indoors and outdoors. Actors must provide their own transportation, or carpool with others, to all venues. 

No pay, no equity.


DON PEDRO: Prince of Arragon – Male, 30 – 50
DON JOHN: Don Pedro’s Brother – Male, 30 – 50
CLAUDIO: A young Lord of Florence, favorite of Don Pedro – Male,
20 – 30
BENEDICK: A young Lord of Padua, a favorite of Don Pedro – Male,
30 – 40
LEONATO: Governor of Messina – Male or Female, 40+
BALTHASAR: Servant to Don Pedro – Male or Female, All Ages,
BORACHIO: Follower of Don John – Male, 20+
CONRADE: Follower of Don John – Male or Female, 20+
DOGBERRY: foolish Officer – Male or Female, 30+
VERGES: foolish Officer – Male or Female, 20+
HERO: Daughter to Leonato – Female, 20 – 30
BEATRICE: Niece to Leonato – Female, 30 – 40
URSULA: Gentlewoman waiting on Hero – Female, 20+
MARGARET: Gentlewoman waiting on Hero – Female, 20 – 30
WATCHMEN – Male or Female, All Ages
SEXTON – Male or Female, 20+

Huh?For questions please contact the producer, Jim Porter